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Friday, May 29, 2020
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SUNDAY 05/24/2020

Missionary Patrick Melson                          PSALM 88

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Dear Foothills Family, 

As you may have noticed recently, the governor has rescinded his Stay-at-home Executive Orders and is allowing operations to return with appropriate precautions remaining in place; this includes churches.  And he has also provided guidelines for churches; a copy of which I will include in this email, the intent of which is to “stay healthy, return smarter, return stronger”.  


Now, if you look at the guidelines in the “Skeletal Service Plan” that I sent you April 22 of last month you will notice that much of the precautions we plan to have in place are reflected in the guidelines which the governor sent out this week.  Our plan was to continue to remain closed for the Month of May and return with the skeletal service plan in placeIt is my intent to continue to follow this plan as we have outlined, and return for in-person services on June 7 for three reasons:  (Additions and corrections are highlighted in yellow)