Foothills Southern Baptist Church
Friday, May 29, 2020
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Covid19 Response



Dear Foothills Family, 

As you may have noticed recently, the governor has rescinded his Stay-at-home Executive Orders and is allowing operations to return with appropriate precautions remaining in place; this includes churches.  And he has also provided guidelines for churches; a copy of which I will include in this email, the intent of which is to “stay healthy, return smarter, return stronger”.  

Now, if you look at the guidelines in the “Skeletal Service Plan” that I sent you April 22 of last month you will notice that much of the precautions we plan to have in place are reflected in the guidelines which the governor sent out this week.  Our plan was to continue to remain closed for the Month of May and return with the skeletal service plan in placeIt is my intent to continue to follow this plan as we have outlined, and return for in-person services on June 7 for three reasons:  (Additions and corrections are highlighted in yellow)

1. The plan that I have in place exists to ease us back into normalcy.  The threat of the virus still exists; and will exist for some time, but I don’t think it wise to jump back into normal operations; and throw caution to the wind now that things are beginning to open up.  I believe that the wise precaution is to open slowly given that the number of cases, here in Yuma, continue to climb.
2. The guidelines of the governor continue to encourage elderly people and people at high risk to remain at home.  The added time away from church gatherings will serve only to protect them further from harm.  I.e. – we do ourselves no harm by waiting until June.  Patience is always a good thing.    
3. I will be on vacation beginning Friday, May 22 through June 1st.  Patrick Melson and Luis Manos will be preaching online in my absence.  Given that we will be offering two worship services in June instead of just one, I think it important, that I be there for that.  In other words, I think it important that I be on hand for our first in-person service, and I don’t wish to add to the burden of these brothers; the responsibilities involved in doing two services.  So, if you could be patient, and wait for me to return from vacation until we have our in-person services, I would appreciate it.

By way of remembrance, I again include the Skeletal Service Plan that I sent you back in April:  

Plans for Multiple Services on June 7th 


1. We will once again offer in-person worship services in June, but instead of only one worship service, there will be two services from which people can choose.  (see below:  change in service times for the Month of June)


2. We will also seek to continue to offer an online option for Sunday Mornings in June for those still hesitant to be around others.


3. Sunday School for Children, Youth, Adult Bible Studies, Children’s Church, and Nursery will not meet until July 5th  (**See options for parents with kids)


4. Deacons and Church Council will also not meet until July 5th.  Personnel and Finance Committees will not meet until July 12th.  Note:  Finance reports will continue to be available for review on Planning Center.


5. Our next Sandwich Shuffle will be on Sunday, July 12th @ 6:00pm  


Note:  Given the current the requirements of the governor, we may not be able on that day to have a meal together; but we can still have the business meeting.  A final decision will not be made, regarding the meal, until July.


6. Awana will remain closed for the year and will open again in the fall. (Awards will be given to those who have completed their books, but no ceremony will take place).


7. Women’s Bible Studies and GreifShare will be closed for the Summer and will resume in the Fall 


8. Wednesday Youth and Adult Bible Studies will not meet in May or June, however, an online Facebook Live Class will continue to be offered by Pastor Chris on Wednesdays, @ 6:30pm at FSBC’s Facebook page.


9. Summer dates for Vacation Bible School will be moved from June 8-12 to July 20-24 at the same planned time (from 8:30am – 12pm)   Note: Given what continued restrictions might be in place at that time; and the willingness or hesitancy of parents to send their child, it may be necessary to cancel VBS for this year.  A decision will be made once we get to July.  If we do decide to cancel VBS for this year; we will save all decorations, curriculum, ect and offer the same theme next year so that what we’ve already purchased, doesn’t go to waste. 


10. Our plan before the virus restrictions were in place was to move our morning service into Building B by June 7, however given that we need room to social distance, we will continue meeting in the Worship Center for this summer.

Changes in Service Schedules

  • For the Month of June only, the following service times will be as follows: 

9:00am – 10:00am  Morning Worship Service

10:30am – 11:30pm Morning Worship Service

Please RSVP to the church office via phone, or email to reserve your spot.  


We are asking people to reserve their seats so that we might properly insure that everyone is safely distanced from another.


  • Children’s or Youth Sunday School; Adult Bible Studies; Children’s Church; Nursery; Deacon’s; council or committee meetings will not meet until or after Sunday, July 5th .
  • Online Video Services will also be available, only in the month of June for those hesitant to come in person, due to continuing concern about the Covid-19 virus.  

(Note:  However, given that we do not have a paid communications staff; and given the great deal of work it takes to edit footage, create presentations, and place them our services online for our church to view, we feel that this continued service is too much to ask of our volunteers long term.)


  • Audio sermons will continue to be available on the church website at: They will be edited on Monday following the service and placed on the website sometime during the week.  If you would like a audio cd copy of a sermon, please see Dan Pitzinger in the Audio Sound Room.

Changes in the way we do church

  • Please RSVP which service you and your family plan to attend by contacting the office via email or phone call in the week prior to your arrival so that we might have an idea how many people in your party we can expect.  You only need to do this once unless you change which service you will be attending.
  • In order to facilitate social distancing, we are asking that you sit in the blue X masking tape spots in the pews.
  • We ask that you maintain proper social distancing from anyone not in your immediate family.
  • You will notice from the blue masking tape X’s on the pew seats that:
1) Families with children are seated in the back pews on the furthest side of the Worship Center.  This will provide your children with added space and help them social distance from elderly people. 
2) Couples are staggered in their seating in the middle pews.  
3) Individuals will be seated in the front pews. 
  • A greeting time will not be observed; please refrain from hugging or shaking hands.
  • Use Hand Sanitizer each time you enter and exit the Worship Center
  • Only one person allowed in the restroom at a time.  Wash your hands after you use the restroom.  A team will sanitize the bathroom after each person.
  • Face masks may be worn but they are not required. 
  • When the 1st service is over please exit, the building as soon as possible to make way for those coming into worship for the next service.
  • Please do not use drinking fountains in the church foyer
  • Offering plates will not be passed please use offering boxes located on the wall of each exit from the Worship Center.  Giving may also be done online at; or you may mail it to the church office; or drop it by the church during office hours.  (9am-1pm M-F)
  • For those of you that are designated as money counters.  Please perform your duties at the end of the 2nd Service.  Please see the schedule in the Counting Room for your turn to count or contact Mike Brown for any questions.
  • For those who are a part of the Worship Welcome and Announcement team; please pick a service in which you intend to fellowship.  Determine to do your duty in that service and Pastor will do the other one.  (i.e. I’m not expecting you to have be at both services.)  An updated schedule will be sent to you via email.
  • If you are sick in any way, please remain at home.
  • The second service will be video recorded to be placed on the internet for the month of June.  


  • This service will be available to viewed in the week following each Sunday.

Options for parents with kids

Given that we are not having children’s church or nursery in the month of June, we ask that you keep your children in the service with you during the worship and preaching times. I know this may create a hardship, so we are providing the following:

  • Kids Worship Bulletins and crayons will be provided for your child.  These bulletins are especially designed for your child and have games, coloring pages related to the preaching.  Kid’s bulletins will help your kids pass the time during the preaching.  These bulletins will be available for your child on the bulletin stand as you enter the foyer.
  • All kids who finish these bulletins can then present them at the Children’s Information Desk for a goody bag with candy and prizes that they can take home with them. 
  • Please sit in the designated pews for families in the back. This will make it easy for one parent to take a child to another room if there are discipline issues that need attending to.

 Again, I thank you for you’re patience and understanding in all of this.  Because of your good humor; responsible behavior; concern for others, both in our church and our community; love for God and faithful giving, our church has weathered this crisis splendidly; and I trust will continue to do so.  Great job Church!  I’m proud of you!  All Glory goes to our Great God and Savior!

With Love and blessings,


Pastor Chris