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Saturday, December 04, 2021
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Response to the CoronaVirus

Skeletal Service Plan in regard to church services


In the governor’s Executive Order that went into effect on March 31, he states that essential activities which provide exemption include “engaging in constitutionally protected activities such as speech and religion…provided that such is conducted in a manner that provides appropriate physical distancing to the extent feasible.”
We chose to close until April 30th to follow the spirit of the order; to protect the lives of our people; and to do our part to slow the spread of the virus until May 3rd.   
Now, according to the President’s 3-Phase guideline, states are allowed to begin opening up their states, in accordance with Phase 1, if they are seeing a downward trajectory of the number of confirmed cases in their state. Currently, from what I’ve seen, our state does not meet that criterion.  And from what I’ve been hearing, Governor Ducey is more likely going to extend the quarantine for another month.  Now, he has not as yet, done so; and that, more than likely, he is not set to make such an announcement until late next week until just before the deadline.  But if you look at the projections at: our state is not set to open until June.  
Now we don’t know the accuracy of these projections, but I felt it important that you know what our plans will be given that we were, as of yesterday, still planning to have open our church in a limited way for Easter on the May 3rd.  
But given the threat that Covid-19 still poses; and given that the majority of our congregation falls within the most vulnerable to this particular virus. 
It is my decision that we remain closed for the Month of May as we have been, and will continue to provide online services and teaching until June 7th.  
Now, obviously the possibility of the spread of the virus will not be eliminated on June 7th; and it may even be longer than that before we can meet, but having been closed for 10 weeks by that time, I feel that we could have in-person services in June, but do it in a way that continues to continue social distancing requirements.
With that in mind, it is my current recommendation that we do the following beginning Sunday, June 7th:  We’ll begin a “skeletal service plan” to ease us back into some kind of normalcy but remain as social distanced as possible.  Therefore, beginning June 7th, we will offer 2 morning services as our only in-person activities together:  (Keep in mind that this plan may be changed depending upon what happens with the virus and our government’s response to it.)
This means several things:
PrayerWalk set for this Saturday, April 25th will still take place, but we will not do any canvassing since we will not have an in-person service on May 3rd.  Please meet us at @ 9am outside the Breen home (10412 E 39th Place).  We can still walk around our neighborhood and pray for the people of our community.
Easter Activities – Planned for the first week of May, including Teen Glow-in-the-dark Easter Egg Hunt; Kids Easter Egg Hunts will be postponed to a future date.
Plans for Multiple Services on June 7th 
1) We will once again offer in-person worship services in June, but instead of only one worship service, there will be two services from which people can choose. (read below for change in service times)
2) We will also seek to continue to offer an online option for Sunday Mornings in June for those still hesitant to be around others.
3) Sunday School for Children, Youth, Adult Bible Studies, Children’s Church, and Nursery will not meet until July 5th  (**See options for parents with kids)
4) Deacons and Church Council will also not meet until July 5th.  Personnel and Finance Committees will not meet until July 12th.  Note:  Finance reports will continue to be available for review on Planning Center.
5) Our next Sandwich Shuffle will be on Sunday, July 12th @ 6:00pm
6) Awana will remain closed for the year and will open again in the fall. (Awards will be given to those who have completed their books, but no ceremony will take place).
7) Women’s Bible Studies and GreifShare will be closed for the Summer and will resume in the Fall 
8) Wednesday Youth and Adult Bible Studies will not meet in May or June, however, an online Facebook Live Class will continue to be offered by Pastor Chris on Wednesdays, @ 6:30pm at FSBC’s Facebook page.
9) Summer dates for Vacation Bible School will moved from June 8-12 to July 20-24 at the same planned time (from 8:30am – 12pm)
10) Our plan before the virus restrictions were in place was to move our morning service into Building B by June 7, however given that we need room to social distance, we may have to continue meeting in the Worship Center for this summer.
Changes in Service Schedules
Beginning Sunday, June 7th Morning Services will be as follows until Sunday, July 5th 
9:00am – 10:00am  Morning Worship Service
10:30am – 11:30pm Morning Worship Service
Please RSVP to the church office via phone, or email to reserve your spot.  We are asking people to reserve their seats so that we might properly insure that everyone is safely distanced from another.
Children’s or Youth Sunday School; Adult Bible Studies; Children’s Church; Nursery; Deacon’s; council or committee meetings will not meet until or after Sunday, July 5th 
Online Services will also be available for those hesitant to come due to continuing concern about the Covid-19 virus.
Changes in the way we do church
Please RSVP which service you and your family plan to attend by contacting the office via email or phone call in the week prior to your arrival so that we might have an idea how many people in your party we can expect.  You only need to do this once unless you change which service you will be attending.
In order to facilitate social distancing, we are asking that you sit in the blue X masking tape spots in the pews.
We ask that you maintain proper social distancing from anyone not in your immediate family.
You will notice from the blue masking tape X’s on the pew seats that:
1. Families with children are seated in the back pews on the furthest side of the Worship Center.  This will provide your children with added space and help them social distance from elderly people.  
2. Couples are staggered in their seating in the middle pews.  
3. Individuals will be seated in the front pews
A greeting time will not be observed; please refrain from hugging or shaking hands.
Use Hand Sanitizer each time you enter and exit the Worship Center
Only one person allowed in the restroom at a time.  Wash your hands after you use the restroom.  A team will sanitize the bathroom after each person.
Face masks may be worn but they are not required. 
When the 1st service is over please exit, the building as soon as possible to make way for those coming into worship for the next service.
Please do not use drinking fountains in the church foyer
Offering plates will not be passed please use offering boxes located on the wall of each exit from the Worship Center.  Giving may also be done online at; or you may mail it to the church office; or drop it by the church during office hours.  (9am-1pm M-F)
For those of you that are designated as money counters.  Please perform your duties at the end of the 2nd Service.  Please see the schedule in the Counting Room for your turn to count or contact Mike Brown for any questions.
For those who are a part of the Worship Welcome and Announcement team; please pick a service in which you intend to fellowship.  Determine to do your duty in that service and Pastor will do the other one.  (i.e. I’m not expecting you to have be at both services.)
If you are sick in any way, please remain at home and enjoy the online option.
Options for parents with kids
Given that we are not having children’s church or nursery we ask that you keep your children in the service during the worship and preaching times. I know this may create a hardship, so we are providing the following:
We will be providing each week goody bags with items that my help your kids pass the time during the preaching given that it is not on their age level.
Kids Worship Bulletins that have games, coloring pages related to the preaching.
Please sit in the designated pews for families in the back. This will make it easy for one parent to take a child to another room if there are discipline issues that need attending to.
We continue to trust God and walk with him as he leads us.  We know this that “all things work together for good to those who are called according to his will.”  
Blessings and with great love,
Pastor Chris